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Will Up North have Summer Visitors without Festivals and Events?

May 21, 2020 at 2:28 pm

Will Up North have Summer Visitors without Festivals and Events?


Alligator Hill

We are sure this is on a lot of people’s minds, will it be safe and acceptable to travel Up North come June or July? With so much uncertainty still around the pandemic, there is no clear-cut answer.

Wakeboarding Silver LakeSummer is the time when we welcome most of our visitors to Up North. They come for the festivals, the beautiful beaches, golfing, scenic trails and of course the fudge! With events throughout Up North cancelled will we see a decrease in our summer friends? With the abundance of activities that make social distancing easy, we think that Up North could very well become the new Europe as people opt to stick closer to home and hold off on trips abroad.

With low gas prices and the peace of mind and flexibility that comes with travelling in your own car, road trips may make a resurgence. We think more people will gravitate to the great outdoors and similar social distancing friendly destinations. Being surrounded by nature as opposed to potential throngs of people in a European capital or on a passenger cruise ship has taken on a new appeal in these crowd averse times. Camping, always a popular choice Up North may see an increase in demand as people may feel the need to have a little more elbow room between them and other travelers.

Grass River Nature AreaAdd in that people are tired of being indoors, they want to go out, they want to meet with their friends and just feel human again, may mean that Up North will be the summer destination choice for many.

You may not be able to make reservations and lock in dates for an Up North visit just yet, but you can virtually explore at Up North Entertainment and have a plan in place once the beautiful Up North opens back up for guests. We look forward to see you!


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