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Copper Harbor,  Keweenaw County

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The 36.37 acre sanctuary is located on Keweenaw County’s Great Sand Bay. The shoreline of Great Sand Bay receives the full force of the strong prevailing westerly winds off Lake Superior and the shoreline has sand dunes up to 100 feet in height above the shoreline. The formation of these dunes is the result of large deposits of sand which were laid down by strng winds, currents and wave action of Lake Superior following the ice recession.

The back inner dunes are vegetated by juniper clones as large as 15 square feet, and by wind-contorted red pines and aspen. Additional tree species include white pine, jack pine, red oak, red maple and white birch.

The sanctuary is a favorite resting spot for the migrating waterfowl in the wetlands along the back dunes. Beavers, killdeer and song birds are also present among the varied plant life. Club mosses, holly and dwarf blueberry can be found at Redwyn’s Dunes.

A one-mile trail passes interdunal ponds and leads down to the Lake Superior shoreline where feldspar pebbles are often found. In the winter, the trail can be used for cross-country skiing.



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