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Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore – Beaches

Munising, Alger County


Pictured Rocks has some of the most beautiful, pristine beaches found anywhere on Lake Superior. These beaches dot the lakeshore’s coastline from Munising to Grand Marais. Each beach gives visitors a stunning view of Lake Superior just perfect for swimming, reading, photography, and other relaxing activities. Most park beaches are sandy, although a few are rocky and several are a combination of both. Beaches can also change dramatically from year to year, so when you come back to the park your favorite beach may look very different.

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Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore Beaches

Many beaches are easy to access by car while others require a longer hike. Beaches close to parking lots have vault toilets available. More remote beaches do not.

The main park beaches are listed below.

Beaches easy to access

Sand Point Beach – Just outside the town of Munising near the end of Sand Point Road, is the park’s most family-friendly sand beach. Pets allowed.

Miners Beach – Miners Beach is a beautiful, nearly mile-long stretch of sand and some rocks with the main parking area at the west end (with access to Miners River) and a small parking area at the east end. Pets allowed.

Twelvemile Beach – As the name suggests, there is a 12-mile-long stretch of pristine sand beach extending east of the cliffs, approximately in the middle of the park. Pets allowed.

Lake Superior Overlook Beach Just past Twelvemile Beach Campground heading east on County Road H-58 is a day-use parking lot with 38 steps leading to the beach. Pets allowed.

Hurricane River Beach –  The beach at the mouth of the Hurricane River is an interesting mix of sand and rock that looks different every year. Pets allowed.

Sable Falls Beach –  The beach at the end of the Sable Falls Trail is mainly a rocky one, with views of the Grand Sable Dunes towering above. Pets allowed.

Beaches requiring a longer hike

Mosquito Beach – Mosquito Beach is a popular day-hike destination, about 4 miles roundtrip from the parking area at the end of Chapel Road. Pets are prohibited on all beaches and trails in the Mosquito area.

Chapel Beach – Chapel Beach is also a popular day hike, about 6 miles roundtrip from the parking area at the end of Chapel Road. Pets are prohibited on all beaches and trails in the Chapel area.

Beaver Basin Wilderness Beaches – Those looking for solitude along a wild Lake Superior shoreline should hike out to the section of Twelvemile Beach that lies within the Beaver Basin Wilderness. Pets are prohibited on all beaches and trails in the Beaver Basin Wilderness.


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