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Grand Island Township, Alger County

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Located in Michigan’s wild and scenic Upper Peninsula, the Hiawatha National Forest’s dramatic shorelines lie nestled up to Lakes Superior, Huron and Michigan — three of the five great lakes. Our lakeshores, lighthouses, islands and abundant snow create a place of respite and play within a day’s drive of urban and rural areas of Michigan, Wisconsin, other nearby states and international locations.

Bring the family and check out Grand Island National Recreation Area!

Grand Island is located in Lake Superior, about one-half mile from the mainland community of Munising, Michigan. Munising is about 43 miles from Marquette and 55 miles from Manistique. Grand Island is the perfect place to spend a day or even just a few hours biking and exploring. The island’s breathtaking overlooks, pristine sandy beaches, fascinating cultural sites, deep hard woods, and inland lakes make it an exciting and secluded destination.

Visitors can get to the island via Grand Island Ferry Service or private watercraft. Some campsites are conveniently located for kayakers. The ferry departs from Grand Island Landing on the mainland, located on M-28 about 2.5 miles west of the Munising’s blinking light. Look for the Grand Island National Recreation Area signs.

Grand Island National Recreation Area Map


Random camping is permitted on Grand Island if a camper is at least 100 feet from a body of water, cliff ledge, private property, trails, other campsites, special use recreation residences or recreation developments. No campfires are allowed when random camping.

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