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Eagle Harbor Red Pine Dunes Nature Sanctuary

Mohawk, Keweenaw County

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This sanctuary protects 25 acres of stabilized back dune natural communities which are primarily forested with red and white pines, junipers, pink lady slipper, and club mosses in the uplands. The red pine canopy in this area is roughly 70 to 90 years of age. Along the southern edge of the sanctuary is a bog which contains a central area of open water during wet years and contains a sphagnum mat which is surrounded by emergent vegetation such as ericaceous shrubs including bearberry, leatherleaf, labrador tea, and bog rosemary. On the sand ridge north of the bog there are some small pockets of open dunes community still remaining.

This sanctuary is one of four MNA sanctuaries located along the Great Sand Bay, west of Eagle Harbor. The other sanctuaries are Redwyn’s Dunes Nature Sanctuary, Cy Clark Memorial Nature Sanctuary, and Dean Webster Memorial Plant Preserve. All of these sanctuaries are accessed off of the Eagle Harbor Township Conservation and Recreation Area trail system except for Redwyn’s Dunes Nature Sanctuary.


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Eagle Harbor Red Pine Dunes Nature Sanctuary, Brockway Mountain Dr, Mohawk, MI 49950, USA


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