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Drive just about any back road Up North and you will find a “Tunnel of Trees”. No matter the season Up North has many scenic drives. These areas are beautiful in every season. In the winter when the snow is glistening off their naked limbs. Or, the spring and the Trillium are out. Summer when the sun dances through a

  I have found that northern Michigan golfing is a totally difference experience than golfing a course outside the area. I have only golfed for a few years and admit my experiences are limited, but the courses I have visited outside of northern Michigan convince me that golfing Up North is hard to beat. Golfing downstate and out of state Outside of Michigan,

  We are sure this is on a lot of people’s minds, will it be safe and acceptable to travel Up North come June or July? With so much uncertainty still around the pandemic, there is no clear-cut answer. Summer is the time when we welcome most of our visitors to Up North. They come for the festivals, the beautiful beaches, golfing,

Who doesn't love a great hike in the woods? Be prepared for your walk or hike, don't let an afternoon adventure turn into a nightmare. A fall or twisted ankle can leave you stranded miles from a trail head, making emergency access difficult. Planning is an important step in be prepared for your adventure, keep these general safety tips in mind.


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